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PRP – Hair Loss

With time, a number of changes occur in the body. Not only do muscles and bones weaken slightly, but structures as small as hair follicles also slow in their activity. Hair loss is a significant problem for men and women. Balding, or alopecia, may be affected by factors such as stress, diet, pregnancy, and medications. However, the predominant factor in this condition is genetic makeup. Historically, hair loss has been a challenging condition to treat. Today, patients can discover the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP for addressing alopecia.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

There are several components in the blood, including white and red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Each ingredient is important to specific functions. For example, platelets are vital to wound healing. Bioactive growth factors are necessary proteins in platelets that prompt clotting to prevent the loss of blood. These proteins also stimulate tissue regeneration around a wound. Study of platelets has led to the discovery that the growth factors contained within Platelet Rich Plasma can have a positive effect on hair growth, making this non-surgical procedure advantageous for treating hair loss.

How PRP treatment works

The office procedure involves a routine blood draw to obtain the desired product. The blood sample is spun to separate plasma and its platelets from other cells. Plasma concentrated with platelets is injected into the scalp with a tiny micro-needle.

PRP is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that is virtually free of risk. This is because only your own blood is used to promote circulation for hair growth. No recovery is needed after treatment, and PRP may be combined with other procedures to promote optimal hair growth. During a consultation visit, we discuss the recommended number of treatments to achieve the desired outcome.

PRP has yet to be certified by the FDA, and studies continue to investigate its performance. However, evidence and patient testimonials continue to suggest promising results from this form of therapy. If you prefer a non-surgical, drug-free treatment for hair loss, PRP may be right for you. Schedule a visit to the Sterling office of Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. to learn more about this treatment.

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Dr. Neeraja C. Mattay Reviewed by Joyce D.

I am so appreciative to Dr. Mattay for her wonderful patient manner in carefully explaining diagnoses, procedures, and treatments with thoroughness, resources, and immediate follow up after procedures over the years. I recently had a “coolsculpturing” procedure administered by Lauren Kellmel, Esthetician, to remove stubborn fat from my mid-section. The procedure was painless, involved no surgery or invasive procedures, and no down time. I wanted to ensure the procedure targeted the fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected, so I was extremely impressed by the free consultant session in which Lauren shared all aspects of the procedure and was very patient to respond to my questions. I felt totally prepared for the procedure and have been extremely happy with results.

I highly recommend Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia for the very best in patient centeredness, knowledgeable and current techniques, and in their skin, face and eye products. Thank you.