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Botox Cosmetic has deep roots in medicine. This wrinkle-reducing product originated after years of use treating muscle disorders. Once developed into a cosmetic treatment, this neuromodulator became the prime treatment for people wanting to decrease furrows between the brows. The use of Botox has expanded significantly over the years. We may now recommend this product to achieve a number of aesthetic goals, such as:

  • Smoother skin on the forehead and between the brows
  • Lift depressed brows to rejuvenate the eyes
  • Minimize the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Diminish smoker’s lines

Botox is an excellent solution for men and women seeking a non-surgical path toward a more youthful appearance. Due to the widespread availability of Botox, many people obtain treatment from facilities such as day spas. Some even attend “Botox parties” at which a selected clinician provides in-home treatment. We appreciate our patients who choose to receive injectable treatment from a board-certified dermatologist who has obtained specific training in the use of Botox. Our team knows how to use this product, how much is necessary, where to inject, and where not to. Our goal is to create a renewed appearance that remains healthy and natural.

At Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. we recognize the value of Botox all on its own. However, our expertise in facial rejuvenation allows us to consult with patients who may want to address issues such as the loss of volume. Due to the gentle nature of Botox, this product can be combined with dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, or a skin peel to maximize the results of wrinkle-reduction treatment.

What to expect

Botox treatment, as well as other injectables, is performed in a short office visit. Many people schedule treatment on their lunch hour or between meetings. After assessing the skin and discussing the desired outcome, we inject small amounts of the product to the precise area where muscular contraction is occurring. While the skin may begin to look slightly improved within a few hours, the maximum effect of Botox is seen after about seven days.

The results of Botox can last from three to six months. Each patient will differ in the longevity of results due to the unique way in which their body metabolizes the substance. As needed, treatment can be repeated to keep the skin looking young and vibrant.

The signs of age are obvious on your skin. Schedule a Botox consultation with your Sterling / South Riding Dermatologist. Call (866) 808-3320.

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Dr. Neeraja C. Mattay Reviewed by Joyce D.

I am so appreciative to Dr. Mattay for her wonderful patient manner in carefully explaining diagnoses, procedures, and treatments with thoroughness, resources, and immediate follow up after procedures over the years. I recently had a “coolsculpturing” procedure administered by Lauren Kellmel, Esthetician, to remove stubborn fat from my mid-section. The procedure was painless, involved no surgery or invasive procedures, and no down time. I wanted to ensure the procedure targeted the fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected, so I was extremely impressed by the free consultant session in which Lauren shared all aspects of the procedure and was very patient to respond to my questions. I felt totally prepared for the procedure and have been extremely happy with results.

I highly recommend Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia for the very best in patient centeredness, knowledgeable and current techniques, and in their skin, face and eye products. Thank you.